With YourSteamKey you can easily Share and Track your Steam Keys. Keep everything under control and analyze your traffic. If you are a developer and want to easily manage your Steam keys without any hassle, YourSteamKey is here to help you with all of that!


Share your Steam Keys to Reviewer, Youtuber, Bundles or Giveaway Groups in a super secure way! It’s a lot easier to manage and share Steam keys directly from the platform!

Did the Reviewer receive and activate your Steam key? Is this Youtuber legit? Does the Giveaway Group sell your keys? How many Bundle sales do you really got? You just don’t know.

With YourSteamKey you make it easier to share keys and track your sales in a fast and easy way. You can track and keep control of your Steam Keys in an easy and super secure way.


Track your Steam Keys around the world!

You will know who and when someone received your Steam Key. And even activated your Game.

Wouldn't it be great to see the activities of your players? We track everything about your game key. Receival, activation and play time. So, if you want to receive accurate information about your game, then you are good to go!


Stay in control of your Steam Keys

Limit your Steam Keys to a period of time, Revoke all or individual keys and reuse unused keys. You get to have immediate access and control over your keys in no time.

Always know how many keys you have shared and how many are activated. See all activities regarding your Steam keys in a clearly represented dashboard. Revoke all or individual keys with a single click. Reuse unused Game Keys for your next Campaign or Promotion.

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Get in touch with your players. Get Feedback, Bug Reports or Reviews! Coming soon

For the first time you know the players of your game and communicate with them.

Receiving Feedback is crucial for game development. Now you can communicate with your players and receive feedback, bug reports and reviews. Players can also report invalid keys and you can replace them with a single click.


Analyze your Sales Coming soon

Connect your official Steam Sales with YourSteamKey and get a significant overview about your campaigns and promotions.

You get to see what worked, if you spent your money wisely or not! It's never been easier to Analyze your campaigns, promotions and bundles with your official steam sales.


  • OpenSSL AES-256 encrypted Steam Keys
  • Let's Encrypt - SSL/TLS Certificate
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Protection against CSRF
  • Protection against XSS